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We welcome your child with a friendly, calm and positive environment. Your child will be educated about dental care in a way they can understand and through the use of positive and encouraging language.

Your little one will be pampered with little luxuries such as reward stickers, show-bags and an invitation to watch their favourite show during treatment. In other words, rest assured they will be well taken care of.

Your child’s appointment is tailored to their personality and age. Expect our team to use encouraging and positive language throughout your child’s first and subsequent appointments.

It’s important for our team to build trust and rapport with your child; that’s why we introduce your child to dentistry with positivity and encouragement. Once your child is settled in-chair (or described as a rocket ship), we pop on their favourite cartoon. Our child-friendly team will show your little one techniques to help get the length of time for effective brushing right, along with discolouring solutions to highlight key areas to brush.

If your child is over the age of 2, we may also perform a clean, fluoride treatment and any necessary x-rays. We also will look for signs of jaw mal-alignment.

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