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Our North Shore-based dental office provides extensive dental and orthodontic treatments, care, and maintenance for the entire family. We provide clear pricing, open treatment plans, and highly skilled dentists. Clients in Browns Bay don’t have far to travel to receive leading dental work at fair pricing.

Our upscale dental practice is conveniently located in Greenhithe. It has the newest, most dependable dental and orthodontic technology for the best results.


You can easily book your routine hygiene clean via our online portal or any dental service with us at 09 413 5109 or via email at he***@gr**************.nz.

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Ever wished you had the world's most beautiful smile? Our worst-kept secret is Invisalign!

Teenagers and adults alike find Invisalign to be a desirable alternative for teeth straightening since it enables progressive, clear tooth movement without the need for metal braces. Book online today to schedule a free consultation. Please be aware that if you are a new patient with us, you could be eligible for a free initial Invisalign consultation.


At our clinic, our highly skilled staff provides a wide range of dental treatments, including but not limited to the ones listed below.

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Cleaning & Gum Health

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Dental Implants and Crowns

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Oral Cancer

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Dentists on the North Shore specialize in treating teeth.

Extractions & Root Canals

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Dentists on the North Shore specialize in treating teeth.

Extractions & Root Canals


Please don't wait till it becomes urgent. What are the advantages of routinely visiting a dentist clinic?

One of the finest investments you can make to have a higher quality of life is to get routine dental care from a dentist. Your teeth may need a more intrusive or pricey treatment if you wait until they exhibit symptoms of decay, cavities, infection, or discomfort. Regular dental care will help you maintain your teeth longer and prevent more invasive operations like root canals, thus, it is possible to avoid tooth discomfort. The best defence is always prevention!

What is the most effective strategy for me to care for my teeth at home? Here are some of our top advice for excellent dental health.

  • Start off young. Gum care is beneficial for babies of all sizes. Gently cleanse their gums by running a clean, soft cloth across them. Change to a soft toothbrush and brush twice daily once the teeth develop.
  • You should correctly brush your teeth twice a day, paying particular attention to your gums and your teeth, for both yourself and your kids.
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  • Before they can brush on their own, young children will require assistance for a few years. Always watch your child and urge them to spit out as much toothpaste as possible.
  • The greatest way to prevent food from becoming trapped between your teeth and harming them is to use floss. When cleaning your teeth as normal, floss twice every day.
  • Make sure to keep all of your scheduled dentist visits; don’t neglect them.

If it hurts, it's time to call us.
Don't put off getting dental care.

It can be an emergency if you have oral discomfort for any reason. To minimise the damage and maybe save teeth, you must call a dentist immediately. It is not worth putting off visiting the dentist any longer and risking losing your teeth, even if you have been skipping them for years and feel ashamed. The teeth, gums, and bones around your mouth can get infected due to dental discomfort, which is frequently severe. When a tooth is lost due to trauma, your greatest chance of keeping. If you’re in agony, call our dentist office since we provide emergency dental care and guidance after business hours. As they go to our clinic in Greenhithe, residents of Browns Bay must take special care of any missing teeth.

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We are privileged and honoured to assist several Browns Bay families with their dental needs. Our Greenhithe-based boutique dentistry clinic is close by and has highly skilled dentists working there. We are located in Greenhithe at 6/8 Greenhithe Road, and we serve clients from all across the North Shore and West Auckland.

We can provide practically any orthodontic or dental service on-site at our dental clinic since Greenhithe Dental Boutique offers full-service dental care and services. Customers from Browns Bay won't often need to be sent to another specialist because we have the knowledge to handle various dental needs. Families may visit Greenhithe Dental Boutique together and receive top-notch care while getting to know their family dentist. Please contact a staff member if you have any questions or want more information about the kind of dental treatments we may provide. We would be pleased to help.

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